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dogs are just the best because they are like this little furry guy that follows you around your house like ‘what are you doing, you should be relaxing. lets go lay on the bed and relax. maybe you can rub my belly but mostly I just want you to chill’


Send help

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Shake my damn head my parents stress me the fuck out. Gonna go to the gym and work this out and then maybe buy some Reese’s because I CAN.



Here’s the thing about being pro choice that people don’t get…
You don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro choice. That’s why it’s not called pro abortion. It’s an understanding that you can’t make that choice for someone else and they have full control over that not you. It’s pro I’m not the boss of everyone else.

This is important.

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For real though, how do people fall asleep before 11:30?


if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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petition for disney to make a whole new channel dedicated to old shows

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*sighs into oblivion*

​so I got to try on this gigantic mother fucking diamond ring today

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Look at this face tho 😍


So my company had a work party on a boat last night and I literally missed the boat. Do you understand the irony??

This is my dogs guilty face